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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don't Get Comfortable

Playing games with all the village kids

I went to Malawi for the first time last summer- almost exactly one year ago. It was life changing to say the least, and I've never enjoyed being somewhere so much. It actually pained me to come home last year. It's weird how a place so engulfed in devastation could be my paradise. I mean, it's the furthest from luxurious, and doesn't match my "picture perfect home" by a long shot, but I've never met happier people, and it really is just a beautiful place. It's nice to escape from technology and over-pretentious, selfish assholes for a few weeks and hang out with people who have absolutely nothing but who are the kindest people you've ever met. 

So, I'm going back on Friday and will be back August 15th. I'm not going with anyone I'm really friends with- which will be a big change, since last year I went with my boyfriend (of a year at that point), his sister who I was really close with, and their dad. I'm leaving my current boyfriend at home, which will be difficult to say the least. Leaving my computer behind, because I wouldn't have internet anyway. Pretty much packing the bare minimum because I have to fit everything into a carry on bag. Oh and I have to figure out a way to bring a bunch of my own food since I have the most restricted diet ever (there's no super markets there if you haven't figured that out; and no, I cannot buy gluten-free, dairy-free anything. Did I mention I'm pescatarian too?) 

This trip will be less than comfortable, I might even go a little hungry, but I think that's the point. Who cares if I can't eat a few meals--I'll be with incredible people who have to live a few months out of the year where their family and friends starve to death if they are lucky enough to survive it themselves. You're not supposed to be comfortable... you should never ever be comfortable at any point, otherwise you would never adapt. You would never grow. So, I'm excited to see what's to come, and I have to break my hesitation and concern. It's getting me no where, except a baggage full of stress (something I'm very experienced in packing).

Brought presents to a sponsored child and her family from a guy in California. They gave me a live chicken, a basket, and peanuts as thank you gifts.

Praise, the little boy I fell in love with.

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