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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good vs. Evil

Michal and I went on a nice walk around the flower garden at the YMCA in Laguna Niguel today. I took a few pictures (the one above included), but it was mostly just relaxing. It got me thinking more about some stuff I had scribbled little blurbs about the other night though-this whole concept of good vs. evil and light vs. dark. This thought really started earlier in the week when I was looking up at the stars (I know, so cliche). But I thought-and later wrote down- "Stars don't shine unless they're surrounded by darkness." With this, I realized that light and dark really don't exist without each other. If the shadow wasn't there, we wouldn't recognize sun light as sun light. It might exist, but without the contrast we wouldn't know any different. Then I thought, well good and evil don't really exist without each other either. Goodness wouldn't exist if we didn't know evil, and evil wouldn't exist if we didn't know goodness. BUT, good and evil are technically relative to everyone and their personal beliefs. I mean, look at the way the world works and the different cultures. Just as one man's trash is another man's treasure, one man's good is another man's evil and vice versa. I don't think there is one single thing that everyone in the world could agree is good or bad. The majority might agree that murder is wrong, but there are always "but"s and exceptions. The majority might agree that helping others is right, but there are still always going to be "but"s or "unless"es. So then I had to ask myself, if no one can agree upon what is truly right or wrong, or good or evil, and if it's all relative to different persons, do either really exist at all? Can existence be based purely on belief? Now this can't go exactly the same for the light vs. dark because light and dark are visual (although they still can't exist without the other), so I'm going to have to abandon that little thought for the mean time, but it was important to mention since it was that original observation that got me to this point. This point that happens to have me lost in utter confusion without an answer. So this is where I'll leave it for now, because I really have no clue where to go from here.

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